Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ludington, Michigan

We traveled to Ludington, Michigan at the end of July for a big Erickson family vacation. We left a day early and traveled halfway to Benton Harbor, Michigan where we found a really good pizza place, played in a huge splash pad, dipped our feet in Lake Michigan, and rode a really fun carousel. We got up the next day and traveled the rest of the way to Ludington where we met up with the rest of the family. We enjoyed a few yummy suppers at the campground, walked out to a lighthouse, went putt putt golfing, ate yummy ice cream, toured a local dairy farm, had family pictures taken at sunset, and Shane even got to go on a deep sea fishing trip. We had such a fun time and made so many great memories!

 Bryce, Jayla, and Jake all got to climb to the top of the lighthouse, but Blaine was too little to climb to the top. I tried to distract him by letting him take pictures on my camera, and he actually got some cool shots!

                                                 This was the last picture he took!

 On the last night, we had family pictures done one of the beaches at the state park at sunset. It was so pretty and the weather was perfect.