Friday, April 6, 2018


Easter morning started with an egg hunt around the house just like last year. The boys had so much fun following the clues around the house, and Ali Kay even had fun trying to keep up. Here are the clues that they had to follow. It started with a big yellow egg that was on the couch when they walked down the stairs. Inside the egg the clue read: Hippity, hoppity! The Easter Bunny's been here. Let's go on a hunt to find your baskets this year. The hunt is on and it's time to dash. The first clue is where you recycle the trash.

2. By golly gee and golly gosh. This is where you go to get washed.
3. You're doing great by following the rules. The next clue is with your tools.
4. You're doing so well. I hope you won't tire. The next clue is where daddy builds a fire.
5. Read the next clue and take a moment to think. Go to the place where you get a cold drink.
6. A surprise in is store, something special to keep. You'll find the next clue where daddy goes to sleep. (They both ran to his recliner :) but it was under his pillow).
7. It might be more tricky now, be sure not to rush. The next clue is next to your toothbrush.
8. Is that all the clues? Oh no, it's not. Check the place where the dishes get hot.
9. The next one is tricky, in a table that's filled with lots of farm toys to build.
10. You're doing great, now let's find more. You'll find me in a kitchen drawer.
11. Are you getting hungry? It's time to eat. Pancakes for breakfast is such a treat.
12. I'm snuggly here in mommy's bed. Look under where she lays her head.
13. Well done, that's great! You're nearly there. The last clue is hiding where mommy does her hair.
14. Your very last clue, try not to peep. I'm feeling quite tired, it's time to go to sleep.
Happy Easter Blaine! Go downstairs and see if there are any jellybeans hiding in all the eggs the color green!
Happy Easter Bryce! There's one more thing for you to do. Go downstairs and find all the eggs the color blue!

 The boys had the cutest little outfits on but only one wanted their picture taken.

 Ali Kay already kicked off her shoes and we had only been to church for a few minutes!
                    Our sweet little family right after church
                                Mamaw and papa's grandkids!

 It was actually snowing when the kids were hunting eggs at Aunt Diane's house, and it was so cold!

The only picture I got at Keith and Jean Ann's house taken by Aunt Nancy. I just love that sweet little smile!

Friday, March 30, 2018

State Tournament

On the second weekend of March we traveled to Stoney Creek Inn in East Peoria for our annual stay during the state basketball tournament. Daddy got there on Thursday night and we joined him on Friday afternoon after Bryce and I got done with school. We stayed until Sunday morning, and had a great time!

Having fun in the hotel room while Ali took a nap. It was quite the challenge to keep these two quiet!

 I could not handle the cuteness of this swimsuit!
 Such a difference one year makes! Bryce was jumping in on his own and going underwater this year. Blaine was even swimming around all by himself and Ali loved the water!


 They just loved hanging out in the hotel room and relaxing!

 Having fun at the experience at the Civic Center

 This goofy girl carried around these balls the whole time!

 They had to sort the food into healthy and unhealthy foods. Bryce was super into it, Blaine was just sorting by which foods he liked and didn't like, and Ali kept trying to put every food in her mouth!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Will's Baptism

One week ago we traveled to Springfield to see baby cousin Will get baptized. The boys had fun going to a "huge" church. Blaine loved watching the band. We also enjoyed a yummy lunch afterwards where the kids had fun playing with cousin Hattie.