Monday, July 9, 2018

Oak Run Fun

We have been spending some fun days at Oak Run this summer so far. The kids have had so much fun swimming at the lake house, playing at the beach, and even tubing behind the Johnson's new boat. We even got to watch the fireworks from their boat this year!

Jake, Bryce, and Daddy tubing 
                                                     Blaine, Jayla, and Daddy tubing

Alexis Fireworks

On July 3rd, we spent the afternoon and night in Alexis for a cookout and fireworks with the Johnson family. We went on a ride around town and even drove out where Uncle Joel would be setting off fireworks!

Bryce Plays T-Ball

Bryce decided he wanted to play T-ball this summer and daddy decided to help coach. Bryce has actually been really excited to play baseball unlike our try with basketball. On his first night of practice, he got hit in the nose with a ball and made a trip to the ER. He was back at it a few nights later, and it didn't seem to scare him off. He seems to really enjoy it and after a few games, thought that he needed baseball pants, a belt, and batting gloves. It has been really fun watching him play!

Blaine loves Coach Danner and had no idea that he was photo bombing the picture!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Choral Dynamics

The boys and I went to see mamaw and papa sing in Choral Dynamics the first week of June. Ali Kay stayed home with daddy but she still thought she needed to get a picture. This was the first show that Blaine was able to go to and he was so excited. He was a little loud and got a little restless but he had a fun time!

Summer Fun

It has been a great summer so far! We have so much fun together as a family! We are so lucky that Shane and I are both teachers. Here are a few random photos from my phone from the past month.

This is how we found Ali one day while we were all playing outside. She loves to get dirty!

Shane has been running in the morning and the boys think it's fun to run down the road with him!
We helped put up flags at the Wataga cemetery and spent time at Oak Run on Memorial Day

       Having fun on a wagon ride and playing in the sprinkler from Nannie
     I'm so lucky to be able to spend my summers with these crazies!

                                       Ali Kay loves taking selfies!
While we were at mom and dad's getting ready for the garage sale last week, Bryce was helping papa haul the antique tractors back to the shed. It was so cute watching him steer the tractor the way that papa was telling him.

Peoria Playhouse

One day last week while Shane was gone for basketball camp, we took Ali to mamaw's for the day and the boys and I headed to the Peoria Playhouse. It was such a cool place and the boys and I spent almost 4 hours there! Their favorite things to do included playing in the chicken coop, building in the workshop, and driving the train. We will definitely be going back.